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Welcome Career Women

Simplify your work life by taking hair worry out of the equation!

Hair seems to always present challenges to those of us with professional careers. We work hard at our careers. Our primary focus may be our work, yet how we present ourselves is also extremely important.  You may spend time thinking and planning your wardrobe for a special meeting, presentation or event. You will probably just re-work your hair most of the time. Sometimes you love the result, yet more often than not, you wonder why it felt a little off or looked a bit unkempt.  Receiving a few hairstyling tips beforehand, will give you the needed confidence to be completely satisfied with your hair design and your total image all day long.  Here are the easy to follow tips that will keep you soaring through your day while looking very professional and glamorous.

Career Hair Design Suggestions:

  • If you have shoulder length hair or longer, wear it up. Some say that young women will not be taken seriously as career professionals if their long hair is merely hanging straight.  It needs to be up.
    Hair Up
  • Keep your hair out of your eyes. Your eyes communicate a lot. They give instant insight into your honesty and friendliness.  Create a professional image that commands respect and exudes confidence! Be sure not to create an image that will cast any doubts upon yourself. Brush your locks up and out of the way, into a bun or simple upstyle hair design.
  • If you are entertaining clients or attending a work related event, be prepared for the occasion by carefully changing and sorting your evening looks from professional daytime looks.  There is a difference.
    Daytime Look vs. Evening Look
    Daytime Career Look
  • Select a hairstyle that will be appropriate for your face, body shape and height.

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Use our Whirl-a-Style Photo Gallery and visit Zaina!  We are happy to show you how to create very professional career hairstyle  designs.  Let your hairstyle help to illustrate your professionalism!