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Career Women Flight Attendants

Flight AttendantWelcome Flight Attendants! Thank you for all the work you do for us each day up in the sky and on the ground.  You serve us well.

As flight attendants, you are interacting with your flight customers and the public, all of the time.  You work in small, crowded places, pull things from the baggage compartments, look for things in between various corners and help people on and off airplanes.  You do all of this while working long, long hours. When you are on duty, you only have short breaks and not much time to take care of yourself or your image.

Whirl-a-Style has a variety of hair design products to make your life a little easier.  You can have the classic beauty look that will stay in place throughout your long shifts.  Whirl-a-Style hairstyles are easy to do, simple and quick to create.  Once you learn how to use these products you will never want to leave home without your Whirl-a-Style.

Suggested styles are offered in the photo gallery.  For more ideas, ask Zaina, our Whirl-a-Style Fashion Wizard.

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