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Whether or not we like it, others perceive a lot about us by how we wear our hair.  Fortunately or unfortunately, opinions are formed about our abilities before we speak.  When we meet someone, enter a room or meet a client, their eyes are already going from our head towards our feet and then they return to look us in the eyes as we share a handshake and or a verbal exchange.  In that glance from head to toe, an important first impression is formed.


This is NOT the message you want to communicate!
Lacking LusterLacking Luster
\When our hair is tired or bedraggled or well past its appointed time for a haircolor update, we send a message. It often signals that we are tired, don’t have time or are simply careless. 

This is the message you want to communicate!

Whirl-a-Style Business Women HairstyleWhirl-a-Style Business Women HairstyleWhirl-a-Style Business Women Hairstyle

Below we have listed hairstyling recommendations for women in business.  They are simple and if kept, should please those eyes that are making quick opinions about us.

  • If you have long hair past your shoulder, wear it up — always.  You will be taken more seriously.  If you are over 40, older and have long hair, you will look more fresh, young and vibrant, as your face will be pulled up and your hair will be kept from weighing you down.
  • When wearing your hair up, think about adding interest and intensity by adding some multi-dimensional haircolor highlights, especially to the undersides of you hair.
  • Think about your body size and shape as you plan your hair. It should work together.  If you are a larger woman, avoid big hairstyles.  Look at your head size. How is it proportioned to your body?  If your head is small when compared to your body, lift it by adding some volume and height.
  • If you are working at a computer and have short to medium layers or bangs that are perpetually in the way, pull the hair in front up and back.
  • When going out in the evening with a client, you can quickly freshen up your hair design by simply making it more elegant and by adding a small jewelry accent, accessory or headband.

We have created Zaina, our Whirl-a-Style Fashion Wizard, to help simplify your life.  Ask Zaina what would be good for you.  She will have hairstyle suggestions that you can create yourself.  For special events or occasions Zaina will also have suggestions that you can take to your salon for your hairstylist to create for you.

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