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Career Women In Uniform

Welcome Women in Uniform!Tight bun under head wear

We are very happy to welcome you!  We all depend upon you who wear the uniform. We are grateful for the work you do on our behalf, our local communities and the world.  Your career positions require you that you are on target all of the time and to work for many long hours.  When out on maneuvers, you may be out for several days.  You are called up quickly and you will need to readily respond.  As a woman, management of your hair may be quite a challenge.  Our Whirl-a-Style products are designed to help you meet this important challenge.

One U.S. Army colonel wrote to us to share that she had been out on maneuvers for three days and her hair stayed in place the entire time.  She was thrilled.  Another woman emailed to let us know that one night she was called out in the middle of the night.  They had five minutes to be dressed, grab their guns and be in formation.  Whirl-a-Style had enabled her to do all that and get her hair up in a bun, while running to get into her formation.  She said it had been a lifesaver for her.

Many women have written us over the years to let us know that Whirl-a-Style products are the only ones they have found that hold the hair really well even when undergoing strenuous maneuvers.  It allows them to fully be in required dress code.  Virtually all head gear will fit over the Whirl-a-Style, making it a must for women with medium length hair or longer.

In addition, when you have time and want to have a more glamorous look, Whirl-a-Style will provide that as well.  Look at our Whirl-a-Style Photo Gallery.  Hairstyles there, are specifically designed for you and all women in uniform.  If you want party or special event looks, ask Zaina our Fashion Wizard!

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