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Welcome Dancer

Focus On Your Dance Steps

Welcome Dancer!

Your dance artistry and beauty is incredible! Your movement brings life to music and it fills our souls with joy, lightness and creativity. Even those of us who cannot move as you do, are moved to step to a beat or at least imagine in our minds floating through space as you do. This is a gift bestowed on us. Thank you!

In appreciation, we have developed special Whirl-a-Style tools that will enable you to manage your hair in a way that allows you to focus totally on your dance.

In competition you have about 30 seconds to make an impression upon judges. They watch you come out on stage. They take you in—from your head to your toes –and they have a mental impression of you. That’s amazing because you haven’t even started to dance! Don’t take away from your dance. We know hair is incredibly important. Even more important, it is essential that your hair match your costume and performance. We want to make sure points are not taken away before your performance.

Dancers working with Whirl-a-Style

Our Whirl-a-Style tools will enable you to put your hair up quickly and easily.  Because it can be done quickly, you can change your hairstyles between dance routines, just as you change your costumes. With your hair and costume in place, your dance will now be more congruent.  Step, costume and hair blend together as an important single visual unit, communicating a strong message.  You work hard on your performance.  Do not let hair disappoint or frustrate you.

Jessica Fernandex wearing Whirl-a-StyleThe Whirl-a-Style Photo Gallery has many creative hairstyle suggestions for you to consider.  We are always designing new hairstyles, especially for particular dance styles -- tango, waltz, flamingo, salsa, hip hop and ballet.  Many of you have shared your needs with us so we have developed this website in an effort to respond.

Enjoy our Whirl-a-Style hairstyle suggestions.  If you want more advice on styles, just ask Zaina, our Whirl-a-Style Fashion Wizard.

We want to hear from you about the styles you have created.  We will feature the best hair ideas for dance regularly.

And, we want to provide tips that will allow you to absolutely and confidently focus on the dance—not your hair!