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Why use Whirl-a-Style for Black Hair?

Black Hair and Whirl-a-Style go hand in hand!

Whirl-a-Style brings so many advantages to ethnic hair. We have many different sizes and colors that allow you to achieve any style you can dream of. We know that you want a lot of options when it comes to your hair. Whirl-a-Style gives you endless possibilities and is safe for your hair. There’s no breakage, no balding, and no tearing. It also relieves you of many of the products you have to use everyday just to get your hair to look good. With Whirl-a-Style, it’s as easy as Grab, Roll, Snap!

We know you love to have fun with your hair. Did you know that with Whirl-a-Style you can have an even better time trying out new styles? You can be more fashionable and trendy while reaping the benefits of protecting your scalp.

  • Braids: Braids can pull hair out from the scalp over time. Whirl-a-Style can minimize the tension on your scalp by holding your hair aloft and releasing the vertical pull on your braids. By putting your hair into a bun or knot with Whirl-a-Style, you effectively equalize the tension on your scalp so there is no concentrated pressure on any specific area, therefore decreasing the possibility of having bald spots. If you have highlights in your braided hair, you can create a marvelous new dimension with Whirl-a-Style that makes your hair look like it is adorned with colorful jewels while minimizing the pull on your hair.

  • Tight Knots: Our Mini Whirl-a-Style can create Zulu knots easily without the tight, traditional twisting that pulls out hair from the scalp. It looks exactly like Zulu knots but it is 100% safe for your hair!

  • Extensions: Extensions are very expensive and require constant management. Extensions are beautiful when managed correctly, but they add weight, pulling at your scalp and ripping your hair out from the scalp. Hair is fragile. Whirl-a-Style minimizes breakage by decreasing concentrated tension on the scalp when hair is down. By redistributing the weight of your hair, Whirl-a-Style also minimizes breakage. Extensions also need to be managed at night so you don’t wake up with a tangled mess. Paired with Whirl-a-Style, extensions are kept from tangling. It is also very easy to sleep with the Whirl-a-Style as it is malleable and lightweight.

  • Wigs, Weaves and Partial Wigs: Whirl-a-Style works great with wigs. If you have a partial wig, you can incorporate some of your real hair back into the Whirl-a-Style along with the wig. The end result looks stunning and no one can tell where your real hair and the wig begins. Whirl-a-Style also helps to keep the wig or weaves securely on your head.

Whirl-a-Style saves you time and money when it comes to your hair. Weaves, braids and extensions can cost a fortune to maintain, but you’ll never have to do any maintenance with the Whirl-a-Style. Best of all, it works great on naturally curly hair, too. Do your hair a favor and try it out now!