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Fashion and Hair

Hair is part and parcel of our overall fashion. Runway looks carefully choreograph clothing and hair together.  A look is sought, created and executed.  It is painstakingly planned.  The end product is often fascinating, stretching our imagination of the possibilities.  We are intrigued and drawn into the vision.

Obviously, fashion trends vary by culture.  Any change, subtle or dramatic, is important.  These changes are so sufficiently defined, art historians can date fashion usage accurately to within a five year period (Wikipedia).  In the 15, 16, 17, and 18th centuries hair and hair adornments helped further established fashion trends.

Whatever our own personal motivation for following a fashion trend, our desire as human beings is to want what someone influential has.  Innately, we are pushed to mimic in some way what we admire.  We probably also like change just for the sake of change.  When weather becomes unbearably hot or cold, we yearn for change.  When life is dull we wish to feel like those who seem unaffected by the mundane.

To make your search for fashion as easy as possibile, we will bring you what we are hearing and seeing.  We will also bring you special guest fashionistas to share their insights with you.  We will look at the fashion industry as a whole, while at other times review primarily hair fashion for the season, or we may also review clothing or accessory trends.  Together, we can begin to formulate the look that you want.

We want you to be confident as you move forward in life.  It is a great time to be alive!  Enjoy it!