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Welcome to our Fashion Trends!

Welcome to our Fashion Trends!

We all want to know what the current fashion trend is, what the classic trends are and what is coming in style.  We like to plan and be in the know, for you.  We attend important beauty, fashion and hair design shows all over the world each year to see what is happening. We want to report back to you, to let you know what we saw and what we learned.


Ponytails are a classic trend that are here to stay. We have two products to help make any standard ponytail into a real stunner! We have the ponytail elastic, which can be released by unclasping it while in the ponytail so that you do not lose any hair trying to pull it out. Whirl-a-Style is also proud to showcase the Haute and Fashion Obsessed Ponytail Extenders to bring ponytails to new heights. Check out the videos below to see how they work!

Ponytail Elastic How To

Ponytail Extender How To

Interested in trying a 'Haute' French Twist? We have the tool for you! The Haute Hairstyler is much like a Whirl-a-Style Large, but softer and more supple with a beautiful print across it that can be coordinated with just about any outfit. See the video below if you would like to see how to use it to create a gorgeous French Twist.

Haute Hairstyler How To

We often walk the streets in Asia and Europe as well as here in the United States to watch for the latest hair fashion trends.  We see how people are translating the latest hair design and total image trends.  We see what hairstylists are creating for fashion runways and hair competitions around the world.  We will continue to share our findings with you when we travel.  Enjoy it, knowing it is one more piece of information to influence your fashion world.