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April 2015

Victoria reports in as an official adult - see her 62nd entry here.

March 2015

Whirl-a-Style will be on FOX 11 News Sunday, March 1st at 10:45pm! Be sure to tune in to your local FOX 11 news station!

February 2015

Okay, so you HAVE to check out this interview at the 7th Annual Bergman Oscar's party with Lois Sonstegard of Whirl-a-Style. Whirl-a-Style unveils part of its new product line - hair jewelry! Click here!

To read more about the event, go here.

January 2015

Check out what Victoria has been up to for January: Click here!


December 2014

Happy Holidays from all of us at Whirl-a-Style!


November 2014

Victoria has an amazing time at Dizzy's Jazz Club: Click here!


October 2014

It's time for spooks and spirits! Check out what Victoria has been up to for October: Click here!


September 2014

Sometimes even dancers get sick - learn about Victoria's trip to the hospital! Click here!


August 2014

A new entry in Life of a Juilliard Dancer! Click here!


July 2014

Check out Victoria the ballerina's newest entry in our dance blog! Click here!


June 2014

Victoria's 48th journal entry outlines her final days at Juilliard before the summer comes! Get the newest entry here!


May 2014

Victoria's 43rd journal entry is now up, fresh off the press! Get the newest entry here!


April 2014

Victoria the ballerina gets a folding bike and has a 3 and a half hour audition! Read about it here!


March 2014

It's Spring Break for our Juilliard Dancer! What it she up to? Check out her blog under the dance tab. Also, be sure to 'Like' us on Facebook! LIKE US!


February 2014

New entries in the Life of a Juilliard Dancer under the Dance tab. Head on over!


January 2014

WHIRL-A-STYLE HAS MOVED! We have a new mailing address, phone number and fax. Please update your records by going to our Contact Page


December 2013

Merry Christmas to everyone from us at Whirl-a-Style!


November 2013

We try to bring you the life of a Juilliard Dancer, but what of the life of a city ballet dancer for New York? Now you can learn all about it at city.ballet. Read this article for more information on the new web series!


October 2013

New entries! Make sure to check the dance section for new entries in the Life of a Juilliard Dancer!


September 2013

Head over to our Facebook page for a look at the Whirl-a-Style fashion show in Brazil! Whirl-a-Style Fashion Show Gallery


August 2013

We have a new blog post up from Victoria, plus another contest for August! Head over to our Facebook page for a chance to win a hair tool for yourself. Whirl-a-Style Giveaway for August


July 2013

Head over to Facebook and enter our giveaway for Whirl-a-Style hair tool for July! Winners will be selected July 15th, so hurry to participate! Whirl-a-Style Giveaway

Jolly June

June 2013

Make sure to check the dance section for new entries in the Life of a Juilliard Dancer!

Merry May

May 2013

Head over to Facebook and enter our giveaway for Whirl-a-Style hair tool! Winners will be selected May 15th, so hurry to participate! Whirl-a-Style Giveaway

Always April

April 2013

Read a Whirl-a-Style review to see how awesome they are for yourself! Tiffany Reviews here.

March Madness

March 2013

We have a new piece in the Dance section! Join Victoria, a student at Juilliard in New York as she writes about dancing for Juilliard and her experiences there. Read Victoria's Journal - regularly updated!

February Fun

February 2013

It's the year of reviews again. Go to My Empty Nest to enter for a chance to win this Whirl-a-Style giveaway! Also, Whirl-a-Style was at the Oscar Lounge Party again this year. You can find photos here.

Happy New Year

January 2013

Go here to see how to create a French Twist with Whirl-a-Style!

Happy Holidays!

December 2012

Whirl-a-Style was featured on "World's Greatest...", Episode 172! It will air 12/3 and 12/10... check your local listings for programming times. We have uploaded the segment to YouTube so you won't miss it! Whirl-a-Style on "World's Greatest..."

Also, Whirl-a-Style is partnering with GlamXpress to hold a giveaway for Christmas. Check out the details and her review here!

October Offerings

October 2012

Whoa, two new Whirl-a-Style commercials that will be airing in the New York area!

Click here to see!

Spectacular September

September 2012

Whirl-a-Style is the official Upstyle Design Expert for Mrs. Oklahoma, Mrs. Texas and Mrs. Virginia!

We at Whirl-a-Style are very excited to be an official sponsor of Mrs. Oklahoma, Mrs. Texas and Mrs. Virginia. Congratulations goes to Joy Rose Murphy, Kayla Wharton and Brandi Pope. Great job, girls!

Awesome August

August 2012

Sports Edition Whirl-a-Style Ponytail Extenders - A preview of what is to come!

The Sports Edition Whirl-a-Style will be perfect for any team sporting event! This can be used for soccer, volleyball, softball and more. They can be customized with each player's role on the team printed on the pony extender. More details to come!

Click here for more photos and information!

The hottest month deserves the hottest styles! Make sure to use Whirl-a-Style to get your hair up and off your shoulders for the ultimate in cool. Need help finding the correct size? Remember that the Jumbo Large is for long hair or thick hair past your shoulders. Jumbo Medium is for hair shoulder-length or up to 2 inches past shoulders. Small is for short hair (2" or more) - it's great for kids! The mini is for tiny knots and buns - try it on for hip-hop styles or just small accents! The Large Whirl-a-Style has a thinner band than the Jumbo Medium or Jumbo Large. It is best for making French Twists.

Wheeeee, July! Need I say more?

July 2012

We hope everyone had a Happy 4rth of July.

Jubilant June

June 2012

Whirl-a-Style went to Italy in June. Check out Whirl-a-Style's Milan Fashion Show! Milan Fashion Show to check them out!

Merry May Brings New Products for 2012!

May 2012

Whirl-a-Style is busy cranking out new products for 2012. Among these products is the Haute Hairstyler, the Fashion Obsessed Hairstyler, Ponytail Extenders, Headbands, and our new smash hit the Ponytail Elastic! Visit ShopWas to check them out!

Haute Hairstyler - Comes in Zebra or Leopard and Wide or Narrow

Want to create those wonderful loose knots, twists and buns you see on the fashion runway? This is the perfect product for you. The HairStylers come in two different types of material: polypropylene or fashion fabric. Either material is designed to provide great flexibility so you can twist and turn the HairStyler to create the styles you want.
These products are used in the same way as you use the Whirl-a-Style Basic. The difference is that they will create the loose, tussled look whereas the Whirl-a-Style Basic is exact with marvelous all day long hold.

Fashion Obsessed Hairstyler - Comes in Black, Copper or Cream and Wide or Narrow

These products are used in the same way as you use the Whirl-a-Style Basic. The difference is that they will create the loose, tussled look whereas the Whirl-a-Style Basic is exact with marvelous all day long hold. Our Fashion Hairstylers are made from Polypropylene—We call this our Fashion Obsessed Line because the color palate is rich and spunky. You can choose from any of the hair colors of cream, black, copper or fashion colors like fuchsia or purple.

Fashion Obsessed Ponytail Extenders - Comes in 1", 2", & 3" Sizes

Whirl-a-Style Ponytail Extenders are uniquely designed to hold the ponytail up and out, creating fullness and beauty. The Ponytail Voluminizer and Extender makes thin hair look full and luxurious while thick, heavy ponytails will look even more exotic and alluring. The unique Whirl-a-Style Ponytail Voluminizer and Extender design holds the ponytail and won’t slip out of the ponytail irrespective of the thickness or heaviness of the hair.

Haute Ponytail Extenders - Comes in Zebra or Leopard and 1", 2", & 3" Sizes

Ponytails are an important fashion statement today. Yet, it is difficult for most people to create fullness and texture with their ponytail. We don’t have natural tool for doing so. Whirl-a-Style Ponytail Extenders were created at the request of one of our European distributors who saw the importance for creating a more polished, elegant ponytail.

Headbands - Comes in Zebra or Leopard

Ponytail Elastics - Comes in 6 colors!

This is an exciting newly patented item just released after 10 years of research and development! We wanted to create an elastic that would grip and hold the hair, while not slipping out damaging the hair when removed. This elastic does just that. Made of a polymer material, it holds the hair firmly and snuggly. It is designed so that when you are ready to remove the elastic, you simply pop it open and release it. You no longer need to pull the elastic out of the hair. This “hair friendly” elastic is great for everyone—especially for damaged, over-processed hair and for those of you with extensions. Protect your investment in your extensions by unclasping the elastic before you remove it.

Also, May is bike month! Get on your bike and ride while making sure you use Whirl-a-Style to secure your hair. Whirl-a-Style works great underneath helmets and will keep your hair tight unlike a ponytail, which loosens over time and bumps. This works for all sorts of helmets as well like equestrian and motorcycle helmets!

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April Showers Bring More Followers

April 2012

Check out the Giveaway at Hope's Cafe! Hope's Cafe

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March Madness

March 2012

Mimi Loves All Eight has done a fabulous review for you to peruse: She loved it!

February Fun

February 2012

February is all about Fashion-on-the-Go. Please go to our Fashion-on-the-Go Facebook Page for updates on our 5 minute updo service in New York!

Want a recap of the grand opening of Fashion-on-the-Go in New York at Duane Reade? Look no further!: Pictures and video!

Jumpin' January

January 2012

Whirl-a-Style has some brand new products rolling out for 2012. Happy New Year! One of the new products is a ponytail elastic that can be unpopped from the hair without ripping out hair when you remove it! Cool!

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