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Curly Updos - Simple Do It Yourself
Curly updosCurly hair is one of the most difficult hairs to style because it can be quite heavy. If you happen to have curly hair, you know that they can be a challenge to tame and manage. But curly updos can be very beautiful and elegant if done correctly. Whether you are going to attend a formal event or just going to work, curly updos can add that extra sophistication to your look.

There are many options when it comes to curly hair updos. There are curly updos for prom or for weddings that will just make you look fabulous. From sleek updos to loose curly updos, the options are limitless. Here are some quick and easy curly updos you can do by yourself.

Curly updo hairstylesGather your hair into a ponytail in the middle of your head. Secure with an elastic band. Slowly wrap the end of your hair around the ponytail to form a bun. Secure with bobby pins. Leave some loose tendrils to frame your face for a softer look.

Another easy hairstyle that is one of the perfect prom curly updos is pinned curls. First wash your hair then apply anti-frizz serum for easier styling. When hair dries completely, divide into three sections: one at the crown, one at the back and one at the nape of the neck. Secure each section with an elastic band creating three ponytails. Brush the sides of your hair so that you have a neat sleeked back look. Pin the curls of the bottom two sections or ponytails over the elastics to cover them. Once you have pinned all the ends off the curls over the elastic bands, pull some strands loose for a softer look. Finish with hairspray to make sure that the updo is in place.

Silver head bandTo make sure you are able to get the best hairstyles, use only quality hairstyling products. They will help you keep your curls longer. Curly updos are not difficult to achieve. You can do these styles by yourself and you can wear them for any occasion.