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Welcome Cosmetology Schools

Whirl-a-Style Registration

Welcome Cosmetology School Owners, Instructors & Students

Cosmetology StudentsCosmetology students, it is really fun and exciting to have you be a part of our upstyle hair design revolution. While in school, your have been very busy meeting all of your educational and State Board licensure requirements. You have the opportunity to learn and master all of the basics. Success requires knowledge of the fundamentals and everything else will build upon that.  Once you have accomplished that, you will need to gain specific technical skills as well as to develop your personal styles that will allow you to differentiate yourself as a successful hair designer, while continually increasing your future income potential. In this short time you are a cosmetology student, your school is challenged by how they can put all these pieces together for you in a way that makes sense and that allows you to confidently pass your licensing exams.

Whirl-a-Style Membership ButtonAs progressive school owners, instructors and students, Whirl-a-Style is here to give you that added edge with the fashion forward advice to push your creative hair design skills in the proper direction.  Our step-by-step technical, creative and artistic educational programs are designed to work within your cosmetology school as well as throughout your career.

As students, your cosmetology school has informed you of all the basic skills to begin.  Now is time for Whirl-a-Style to teach you many new salon service techniques and to introduce you to new hair design tools that will make you unique and show off your immense creativity.  We are going to pass along expert knowledge from our nationally respected team of educators and artistic directors to give you easy-to-use tips. Our webinars and educational sessions will teach you how to effectively create wonderful upstyle hairstyles and how to increase your revenue without working extra long hours.

Whirl-a-Style Educational ProgramAs for our wonderful cosmetology school owners and instructors, we have special education programs designed for you!  We want your school to be incredibly strong and to offer only the best quality education available today. We want your students to graduate knowing they will be able to provide all the specialty upstyle and hair design services a client wants.  Most salon owners think updos need to be a vital part of your education program. Just as your school clinic clients will appreciate these services, most salon clients expect their hairstylists to be able provide these services for proms, weddings and special occasions when needed.  Unfortunately, the experience, expertise and talents needed to offer updo hairstyle artistry often falls last on the agenda for many hair designers.  We understand that education hours are crowded with all the many diverse requirements needed to ensure that your school graduates will pass their licensing examinations.  Therefore, we have prepared special educational packages for you and your students to make your job much easier.  We want you to be on top as respected specialists in upstyle hair design without having to spend all your extra time finding out how!

Call us or email us and we’ll be happy to explain the program we have available for you.

ASM Beauty World Academy and Lois Sonstegard