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Welcome Salon Owner

Whirl-a-Style Salon OwnersHit a bullseye on your marketing target

Whirl-a-Style will show you how to hit your mark on your customers. As a salon owner, you face the challenge of successfully leveraging the client services you and your staff provide with the take-home retail items you sell.  Whirl-a-Style products will enable you to make more money from each client, while also effectively boosting your salon retail sales.

Whirl-a-Style Products + Client = more $$$$

As hair designers, our time and talents must be respected as valuable. Currently, each hairstylist normally spends about 45 to 60 minutes creating one updo hair design.  Perhaps you may charge $75 for an updo hairstyle design.  What if you could do that exact same hairstyle in 10 to 15 minutes?  Now you can facilitate two to three times the number of clients in the same amount of time.  With this time savings alone, you will be able to double or triple your revenue. Now, to increase your efficiency in this way, you will just need to use Whirl-a-Style products and tools to help create the upstyle hair designs.  Those Whirl-a-Style products will need to remain in your client’s hair when the hairstyle is finished.  Your client will therefore need to be charged for those take-home products.  If you used 2 to 4 Whirl-a-Style products in their hair, you have now added $20 to 40 in retail sales to the $75 updo hairstyle service.  Clients do not mind this additional cost, when you take the time to show them at least one style that they can do themselves between salon visits. Even more importantly, they will love you for helping them to learn how to manage their own hair for work and play. You will create a valuable partnership with your client. These are the clients that will keep returning to you for all of their salon and hair design services, even in tough economic times.

We want you to help you make more money!  We also want you to have fun.  Become a Whirl-a-Style Member and receive all the right materials!  We have developed many creative Whirl-a-Style marketing and promotional program ideas for you to use throughout the year.  Whether it is prom season, end-of-the-year holidays, wedding season or any special occasion, you will have the needed marketing tools to help you become known as the best upstyle hair designers in town.  

We want you and your hairstylists to stand out and be noticed.  We are here to help you achieve that goal. Good luck!