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Welcome Specialty Retailer

Welcome Specialty Retailer!

Speciality Retailer with Whirl-a-Style owner Lois Sonstegard

We enjoy working with you to provide you the best quality hair design products for your customers. We also know that in today’s world, it is not always possible for you to have time to carefully think through and design promotional programs for specific products, so we have done the work for you.

We want to partner with you. Our goal is to help you Sell — Sell — S E L L -- S E L L!!!

One of the things we have enjoyed is visiting your stores. When we have a trade show in one of your areas, we make a point of letting you know. We love to train your sales people by showing them how we sell. As you can see from the pictures below, it ends up being fun and great for all of us!


We are constantly innovating and we want to share our innovative ideas with you. We have developed extensive Whirl-a-Style marketing materials that are available to you. We also have educational DVDs, marketing materials and promotional posters to help boost your sales.

Your strength is our strength! We want you to be strong! Please use these Whirl-a-Style materials and let us know what works and what you need.

Speciality Retailers at Trade Show