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Welcome Registered Retailers

Welcome Registered Retailers!

Do you want to learn how to make more money, educate your store customers and learn how you can obtain the right marketing materials that will have your customers coming back for more?

Whirl-a-Style will help you get product right out the door and increase sales in a mutually beneficial relationship. We offer several ways in which to accomplish this.

  • Sharing information. As we work with specialty retailers around the world and we have seen a number of creative marketing ideas. We are eager to share those ideas with you. It is our hope that we can share and learn from one another when your markets do not compete.
  • Providing seasonal marketing ideas and material. We work with a public relations and marketing company to develop seasonal marketing and promotional material for our retail stores. Included in those materials are: point of purchase displays, multi-sized posters for you to use within your store, DVDs that demonstrate how to use our products, and a multitude of promotional ideas. One of the promotional ideas we have had a great deal of fun with has involved helping you create party nights in your store. We have designed the events to be worry and hassle free to you, our retailer. We have done the work and designed invitations for you to use to invite customers to your party. We have party kits, party ideas, and e-mail templates that you can send to your customers. We also walk you through how to set up your party with demonstrations and hands on fun for your customers. These product parties can be for holidays, birthdays or anytime in-between that merits a product demonstration. We have developed materials and made them available to our registered retailers online.
  • Building strong partnerships. Because we want you to be successful and achieve your sales goals, we are also willing to include an extra day on either side of trade shows or other events that may bring us to your location so that we may assist you by training your sales staff. We have included a picture here from a promotional event we held for one of our retailers in Hong Kong. Not only do these events benefit you, the retailer, they benefit us as well because we learn about your unique needs and gain an appreciation for how we can further help you in your sales efforts. Generally, we like to plan these events sufficiently in advance so you have time to advertise and get the word out to your customers. Best of all, these training and demonstration events are fun—customers enjoy them, we have a great time sharing ideas, and sales people gain confidence in their ability to sell.

We want to see you succeed as much as we want to make our own goals. By entering into a partnership with Whirl-a-Style you can have an edge over your competition. Whirl-a-Style’s innovative products are unique and flexible enough that you will definitely see an increase in customer traffic.

Let us help you meet your goals. Enter into a partnership with us and let your aspirations take flight!

What Is Whirl-a-Style? Whirl-a-Style is an internationally respected company that provides you with marketing and promotional materials, quality education and hairstyling tools that make it more efficient in generating revenue. Whirl-a-Style is a professional hairstyling tool which consists of three different, yet related hair design products: Whirl-a-Style, Klicinz and Poppi. Both the Whirl-a-Style and Klicinz Hairstylers are made from a synthetic material which easily grips your customer’s hair while not tangling it. Each hairstyling product has a special slit down the center, through which your hair is conveniently pulled, rolled and then styled as desired. The Klicinz rounded clasp coordinates with Poppi Hair Accessories, giving your customers the freedom to add hair accessories and jewelry giving your up style an extra touch.